Western Ukraine 1919 Prepared but Unissued Stamp.

Michel # V-IX. Vintage stamp depicting the coat of arms of the West Ukrainian People's Republic printed at the Vienna State Printing Office but not available until after the Polish occupation of Galicia (July 1919) and, therefore, never circulated.

The West Ukrainian National Republic or Zakhidno-Ukrayinska Narodna Republiyka (ZUNR), also transalted as the "West Ukrainian People's Republic" was a short-lived republic that existed in late 1918 and early 1919 in Eastern Galicia. It claimed parts of Bukovia and Carpathian Ruthenia and included the cities of Lviv (Polish: Lwow), Przemyl (Ukrainian: Peremyshl), Kolomyia (Polis: Koomyja), and Stanislaviv (Polisyh: Stanislawow).